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2. Employment

2.1 Present Employment (since May 1991)

UNIX Systems Manager, Alstom Energy Technology Centre, Leicester, UK

Primary Duties

Previous Duties

2.2 Previous Employment

Dec 1986 - Apr 1991

Self-Employed, working for:- IKOSS GmbH, STUTTGART, GERMANY Working at: European Space Research & Technology Centre (ESTEC), Noordwijk, The Netherlands.

Software consultant to Thermal Control and Life Support Division. ESTEC is one of the establishments of the European Space Agency (ESA), responsible for technical development of both ESA's commercial and scientific programs. Duties involved:-

2.3 Oct 1984 - Nov 1986

UNIX System Administrator, Computation Department, UMIST, Manchester, England. Duties involved:-

2.4 Oct 1979 - Sep 1981

Easams Ltd, Lyon Way, Camberley, Surrey, England. Development of mathematical models of missile flight, and their simulation by FORTRAN programs, for various British Ministry of Defence projects.

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