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3. Education

3.1 University

Oct 1976 - Jun 1979

B.Sc. (HONS) Mathematics, grade 2(i), Department of Mathematics, University of Manchester,

Oct 1981 - Sep 1982

M.Sc. Computer Science, Computer Science Department, Manchester University. Title of Dissertation: "Some Problems in Implementing an Algol 68S Compiler on a micro-computer". Summary: The dissertation involved the porting of an Algol 68S compiler running on a Cyber 171 mainframe at the University of Manchester Regional Computer Centre to an LSI 11/03 mini-computer running UNIX, with a view to eventual installation on a Z80 based micro-computer. A new code emitter, producing EM intermediate code, was written, in order to facilitate targetting the compiler to any machine for which an EM translator, or interpreter, could be provided.

Oct 1982 - Sep 1984

Ph.D. Research Computer Science Department Manchester University.

Summary of Research: The research involved the design and development of a graphical front end to a Binary Relational Model (BRM) of information, supporting multiple independent views of the database, and in addition both the formation of formal queries and the ability to browse through class entities and relationship instances in a non-procedural manner. This front end ran on an ICL PERQ running a UNIX based operating system, and consisted of approximately 10000 lines of Pascal code. This research work was never completed.

Published Papers

Teskey F.N., Dixon N. & Holding S.,"Graphical Interfaces to Binary Relational Models of Data",Information Systems Journal of Research and Development, Feb 1985, Butterworth Press.

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