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I am Neil Dixon. Here's some short information about me. If you want more information, you might like to take a look at my CV, although it's a bit out of date, and incomplete. still there's a lot more detail there than here.


Head of Workstation Support, Alstom Power Technology Centre, Leicester.


What's that! I still consider myself a cyclist, although family commitments mean that I can't spend as much time awheel as I would like to. I am currently acting as leader of South Leicestershire section of the CTC. Our latest runs-list is now available. I'm also Leicestershire local contact for the Rough-Stuff Fellowship

I also have a little bit of fun running Linux on my home machine, where I tend to dabble in lots of things, without becoming an expert at anything.

A great deal of intense effort is also expended in playing Bar Skittles for The Queens Arms Leire. This often leads to the debilitating condition known as Pedigree Poisoning

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